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Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee Newsletter



Sept 4, 2011

September Results

Attendees: Mac Traven, Bonnie Lass, Samuel Cy Jesse, Windfall Heart, Buck Johnson, Black Jack Spencer, Duke Duncan, Jesse Wayne, Aravaipa Al, Double Shot Dot, Tar Heel Tina, Italian Princess, Spinning Sally, Cold Brook Kid, Wild Horse Mike, Jack Jones, T.W. Reynolds, Driller Bill, Fort Benning John and Joel Rymell.

Tar Heel Tina, a buckaroo, and her mother, Italian Princess shot Cowboy Action Shooting for the first time with us. Thanks for joining us. Welcome to CAS!!

Fort Benning John and Joel Rymell will be bringing SASS to their local club, Keystone Sportsman Association, later this month. They came to get information and watch us shoot. Thanks for coming and watching us shoot.

Although Mother Nature threatened rain we had a great warm day to shoot. We had a great time, good friends and a safe shoot.

September Notes

We shot scenarios that shooters wanted to do one last time. We had loading on the clock, stoking the magazine of shotguns and a shooter’s choice scenario. The shooter’s choice could have been shot clean if you had taken enough ammo.

ÞÞÞÞÞ White Buffalo WinnerÜÜÜÜ

Samuel Cy Jesse had a clean shoot. He can collect his white buffalo pin from Mac Traven’s home to display for his effort of getting a miss free shoot!! If you see him this month congratulate him on his great shooting!

Clean Stage Shooters

This month, Aravaipa Al and Wild Horse Mike each had four clean stages Black Jack Spencer had three clean stages. Double Shot Dot and Jesse Wayne each had two clean stages. Duke Duncan, Buck Johnson, Jack Jones, and Windfall Heart each had one clean stage. If you see any of them out and about tell them congratulations on a job well done!


We Are Finished

Due to the parent club wishing to take the club in a different direction we were told that September was to be our last shoot. If you have anything that is your personal property that was loaned to Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee that you wish back, please contact Mac Traven before September 18th to set up a time to retrieve it from the club grounds. Mac Traven’s Telephone: 570-723-8885 or email:

To everyone who attended the shoots, thank-you and may you continue to shoot straight and maybe earn a white buffalo wherever you may go.

Upcoming Area Events

  • Melee on the Bay, Second Annual Long Island Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, October 21, 22 and 23 Hosted by the Shadow Riders, Inc, in conjunction with the Hole in the Wall Gang, for more information contact

Steel City Shootout, SASS PA State Wild Bunch Championship October 22, 2011 Hosted by Logans Ferry Regulators, for more information contact Dave Aubele at 412-607-5313 or email