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October Newsletter

Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee Newsletter

October 3, 2010

October Results

Attendees: Mac Traven, Bonnie Lass, Buck Johnson, Jack Jones, Wild Horse Mike, Cold Brook Kid, Mustang, Cherokee, Hickory Jack, Spinning Sally, Tioga Tom, and Captain Call.

We had quite a few spectators including Bonny and Dave Wright, Diane and Charlie Messina, Tim and Peg Stefanko and Frank Yungwirth and grandson. If cowboy shooting interests them, hope they return to shoot with us in the future. Thanks for coming, and please feel free to come again.

Dave Wright took a turn doing a stage to see if he liked cowboy shooting. He said he had a good time. Thanks for trying the scenario, Dave!

October Notes

We dusted off some old stages that hadn’t been tried in quite a while. We had a couple of bonus stages, one used the distance star and the other one you had to put the gold back in the paymasters box and close it. Most people got the paymaster bonus but the distance star was about 50/50. We did stages that were fun and moving. We had the burro stage where you had to move your gold from the mine to the burro while shooting the bad guys with your guns. Most people did very well but a couple of people got procedurals for forgetting when to move the gold.

Next month we would like people to come with ideas of something that we can do to raise money for our club to help us get more steel to make more targets.

We were gifted anonymously with two new targets, a small tombstone and a larger knockdown target. The tombstone is self- resetting but the other one needs to figure how to reset (without walking out to reset between each shooter). We used the tombstone this month for a revolver target. Everyone was happy with the target as it was reactive and it didn’t need to be reset each time, and it was easy to tell with .38 and larger bullets that it had been hit.


Clean Stage Shooters

Wild Horse Mike had 4 clean stages. Jack Jones had two clean stages. Cold Brook Kid, Captain Call and Mustang each had one clean stage. Congratulations to each of you! If you see them out and about congratulate them on they’re fine shooting.

For Sale!!!

Mac Traven has the following items for sale:

Black Buscadaro Belt Holster, .38. 357 cal., $15

Brown Leather gun belt, no ammo loops, and $10

Tonto Rim, tan button down riding skirt, size 16Tall,new, never worn $40 obo.

For more information contact Mac Traven at (570) 723-8885.


Guns for Sale

Please contact sellers regarding the guns. Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee is not responsible for gun sales.

1897 Winchester Pump asking $350 for more information call Barry Mahosky at 1-570-787-7532.


(The following was received by email)

Winchester 1866 reproduction by EMF/Uberti

"Yellow Boy" lever action 44.40 cal.

Like new condition $650.00 replacement cost $1,000.00


Contact: Jesse Jones:

Damascus, MD

Cell: 301-606-7191


We have DVD’s of us being on T.V.

Ken Van Sant of Van Sant Productions was at the 2009 three day match and videod people who were in attendance for a 30 minute video that he put on the air on local channel 13. Ken Van Sant has given a couple of copies of the video to use for loan purposes.

If you would like to borrow a DVD to view, please contact Mac Traven or Bonnie Lass at 570-723-8885 or email at

Prizes for the 12th Ambush at Hickory Ridge


We would like you to get your local merchants involved in sponsoring our club. If you have anyone you wish would offer a gift certificate or prize, please contact them or if you are shy, contact Bonnie Lass with the information (address and or phone number) and she will beg for you.


Next Shoot is November 7, 2010

Mac Traven will be setting up to shoot on November 6,2010. Call (570) 723-8885 to find out what time we will be setting up. If you help set up you can practice for the shoot on Sunday.

We will meet at the range at 9:00 for the safety meeting and start shooting at 9:30.

Please bring a lunch, as the kitchen will not be open.

If you need directions call 723-8885. Or email at Thank-you for your interest in your club!!

We are trying to keep down the cost of postage, if you have email please send it so that we can email your newsletter. Thank-you for your co-operation!! To all who have given us their email address, Thank-you!!!!