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Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee Newsletter


June 5, 2011

June Results

Attendees: Mac Traven, Bonnie Lass, Samuel Cy Jesse, Windfall Heart, Buck Johnson, Wild Horse Mike, Butch O’Toole, Marshall Skull, Black Jack Spencer, Duke Duncan, Jesse Wayne, and Captain Call


Marshall Skull, Duke Duncan and Jesse Wayne came as anew SASS shooters to Cowboy Action. Please welcome Marshall Skull, Duke Duncan, and Jesse Wayne to our club and Cowboy Action Shooting! Thank-you for coming!!


Our day was warm and sunny. We had fun with the scenarios. We hope they all had a good time and would like to come and join us in the future!

June Notes

We did the scenarios that were fun as we moved our gold to the mule, shot the card thief, and shot down the horse thieving gangs. We all seemed to have gun trouble from derringers to long guns, it seemed at least once everyone had to have a reshoot due to weapon malfunction. I hope that everyone’s guns are in good order for next months shoot!

Clean Stage Shooters

This month, Samuel Cy Jesse, had five clean stages and missed getting a white buffalo by one miss! Black Jack Spencer had three clean stages. Windfall Heart, Mac Traven and Wild Horse Mike each had two clean stages. If you see any of them out and about tell them congratulations on a job well done!

For Sale!!!

Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee had 4 gun belts with holsters donated to raise money for the club. Thank-you, Tony Ringo! One has already been sold. Three are left!! Please consider buying one to help the club.

The gun belts are slightly used but for the most part no more than broken in.

The particulars of the remaining three are:

  • Gunfighter rig – 2 strong side holsters, no bullet loops, Made by Black Hills Leather, asking $150.
  • Right hand strong side and crossdraw Gene DeSantis Holsters and El Paso Saddlery belt with .45 cal. loops, asking $125.
  • Right hand Gene DeSantis holster, on an unidentified belt with .45 cal. loops asking $100.

Upcoming Area Events

  • Smoke on the Ridge, SASS PA State Black Powder Championship Sunday, July 17, 2011, Hosted by Perry County Regulators for more information contact Snappy Lady @ 717-789-3893 or email her at:
  • Melee on the Bay, Second Annual Long Island Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, October 21, 22 and 23 Hosted by the Shadow Riders, Inc, in conjunction with the Hole in the Wall Gang, for more information contact!
  • Steel City Shootout, SASS PA State Wild Bunch Championship October 22, 2011 Hosted by Logans Ferry Regulators, for more information contact Dave Aubele at 412-607-5313 or email

If your club has an event that you want published please contact Bonnie Lass at or call 570-723-8885.

Ambush At Hickory Ridge

The Ambush at Hickory Ridge will be August 5, 6, and 7, 2011 Please register to make sure that you have a spot!

Please make your check out to: Brian Mack. There is a new Ambush Formon the website . If you have already sent your money, you are registered. Thank-you.

Jeremiah Longknife will not be attending due to a scheduling conflict.

  • We will have a vendor, Balsam Ridge Workshop will be attending as knife seller.

Prizes for the 12th Ambush at Hickory Ridge

The following people and companies have donated the following prizes:

  • Starline Brass has sent 6 gift certificates and CD’s Thank-you Starline Brass!
  • Black Jack Spencer donated a Pair of casting gloves and a box of Shot gun Target Loads. Thank-you, Black Jack!


Next Shoot is July 3, 2011.

Mac Traven will be setting up to shoot on Saturday. July 2, 2011. If you could come and help it will give you a chance to practice the scenarios. Call (570) 723-8885 to find out what time we will be setting up.

We will meet at the range at 9:00 for the safety meeting and start shooting at 9:30. Please bring a lunch.

If you need directions call 723-8885. Or email at

. Thank-you for your interest in your club!!

We are trying to keep down the cost of postage, if you have email please send it so that we can email your newsletter. Thank-you for your co-operation!! To all who have given us their email address, Thank-you!!!!