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This page will describe the Tenderfoot Category. This category of shooting is only at the Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee and is not allowed as a category for the three-day shoot, Ambush at Hickory Ridge.

We want to encourage people to come and try the Cowboy Action Shooting and to keep coming back. We will be offering the TENDERFOOT CATEGORY. Please invite all your friends who don’t have everything to come and try!!


This category is for the person who is interested but not equipped with everything to shoot or dress the part. At our range only, but not at the Ambush At Hickory Ridge, we will allow people to shoot any of the following guns while meeting the following dress requirements:


  • Any revolver, single action or double action, which must be shot single action style.

  • Any rifle in pistol caliber, lever action, bolt action, or pump action NO AUTOLOADERS.

  • Any Double Barrel Shotgun (side by side or over /under), Pump Shot gun (ex. Mossburg 500, Remington 870, etc.)

  • All Ammo must be SASS legal. Pistol caliber LEAD No Gas Checks, No Jacketed Ammo. Shot gun ammo must be number 4 or smaller (most people run #7 or #71/2)

  • Dress Code-- Dress Close as you can. (Such as button down long sleeve shirt, jeans, or dress B-Western)



Tenderfoot is a six (6) shoot or 12-month category, with no attempt to “ become a cowboy”. Any “upgrades” count (SASS APPROVED guns, any leather, or clothing) towards an extension of the 6 shoot/12 month rule. No changes in 6 months means that you will be required to abide by all SASS rules to attend future matches.