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Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee Newsletter


May 1, 2011

May Results

Attendees: Mac Traven, Bonnie Lass, Samuel Cy Jesse, Windfall Heart, Buck Johnson, Jack Jones, Cold Brook Kid, Myth Maker, Wild Horse Mike, Butch O’Toole, Spinning Sally, Brian Brooks and Ted Watson.

Ted Watson came as a new shooter to Cowboy Action. Please welcome Ted Watson to our club and Cowboy Action Shooting! Thank-you for coming!!

Our day started out cool and muddy. (We had had rain for 5 days out of the past 7!) The sun was peeking out throughout the day but by the time we got to the last stage rain was threatening. We completed the stage without getting wet although picking up the props was a wet business.

The following people attended as spectators: Scott Nichols and his son! Thank-you for coming!!

We hope they all had a good time and would like to come and join us in the future!

May Notes

We did the scenarios that were picked out for April, as we were required to cancel because the road to the club was dangerous to get into. We all had fun doing dishes and desperados, cleaning the stoop and low down skunks and other situations. We had a few people who did not complete due to issues that they already had which made it difficult to finish. Everyone seemed to enjoy the scenarios and had a great time seeing everyone after the winter.

Clean Stage Shooters

This month, Samuel Cy Jesse, and T.W. Reynolds each had three clean stages. Cold Brook Kid, Myth Maker, Wild Horse Mike and Jack Jones each had two clean stages. Buck Johnson had one clean stage to end his day. If you see any of them out and about tell them congratulations on a job well done!

For Sale!!!

Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee had 4 gun belts with holsters donated to raise money for the club. Thank-you, Tony Ringo! One has already been sold. Three are left!! Please consider buying one to help the club.

The gun belts are slightly used but for the most part no more than broken in.

The particulars of the remaining three are:

  • Gunfighter rig – 2 strong side holsters, no bullet loops, Made by Black Hills Leather, asking $150.
  • Right hand strong side and crossdraw Gene DeSantis Holsters and El Paso Saddlery belt with .45 cal. loops, asking $125.
  • Right hand Gene DeSantis holster, on an unidentified belt with .45 cal. loops asking $100.


Mac Traven has the following items for sale:

Black Buscadaro Belt Holster, .38. 357 cal., $15

Brown Leather gun belt, no ammo loops, and $10

Tonto Rim, tan button down riding skirt, size 16 tall, new, never worn $40 obo.

For more information contact Mac Traven at (570) 723-8885.


Guns for Sale

Please contact sellers regarding the guns. Whispering Pines Cowboy Committee is not responsible for gun sales.

1897 Winchester Pump asking $350 for more information call Barry Mahosky at 1-570-787-7532.


Navy Arms 1866 Yellow Boy .38 special $500 Firm Call Mac Traven 1-570-723-8885


We have DVD’s of us being on T.V.

Ken Van Sant of Van Sant Productions was at the 2009 three day match and videod people who were in attendance for a 30 minute video that he put on the air on local channel 13. Ken Van Sant has given a couple of copies of the video to use for loan purposes.

If you would like to borrow a DVD to view, please contact Mac Traven or Bonnie Lass at 570-723-8885 or email at



Upcoming Area Events

  • North Mountain Shoot Out XII , SASS Pennsylvania State Championship May 27-29, 2011 Hosted by El Posse Grande for more information contact Black Hills Barb at
  • Smoke on the Ridge, SASS PA State Black Powder Championship Sunday, July 17, 2011, Hosted by Perry County Regulators for more information contact Snappy Lady @ 717-789-3893 or email her at: 
  • Melee on the Bay, Second Annual Long Island Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, October 21, 22 and 23 Hosted by the Shadow Riders, Inc, in conjunction with the Hole in the Wall Gang, for more information contact
  • New!Steel City Shootout, SASS PA State Wild Bunch Championship October 22, 2011 Hosted by Logans Ferry Regulators, for more information contact Dave Aubele at 412-607-5313 or email

If your club has an event that you want published please contact Bonnie Lass at

 or call 570-723-8885.

Ambush At Hickory Ridge

The Ambush at Hickory Ridge will be August 5, 6, and 7, 2011 Please register to make sure that you have a spot!

Jeremiah Longknife has offered to teach a shooting course to help shooters improve their shooting. He is willing to donate his time. The club will charge $5 for each shooter taking the course, the money will stay with the club. If you are interested in shooting this course please let Bonnie Lass know by July 1st so that we can prepare the range for the number of shooters taking the course.

Prizes for the 12th Ambush at Hickory Ridge

The following people and companies have donated the following prizes:

  • El Paso Saddlery has donated 6- $50 gift certificates. Thank-you El Paso Saddlery!!
  • Samuel Cy Jesse has donated 1 lb. Unique and Powder and Muli-Tool. Thank-you Samuel Cy Jesse!!
  • Mike’s Guns and Ammo had donated a Tasco Scope, 1 nylon rifle sling, 1 Leather Rifle Sling, and a Bore Sighter. Thanks, Mike’s Guns and Ammo.

Please contact Bonnie Lass at   or 570-723-8885 if you have company or organization you would like to see if a prize could be donated.

We would like you to get your local merchants involved in sponsoring our club. If you have anyone you wish would offer a gift certificate or prize, please contact them or if you are shy, contact Bonnie Lass with the information (address and or phone number) and she will beg for you.


New Class for Beginners (at our club)

We want to encourage people to come and try the Cowboy Action Shooting and to keep coming back. We will be offering the TENDERFOOT CATEGORY. Please invite all your friends who don’t have everything to come and try!!

If you want to find out more information on tenderfoot class please check out our webpage: 

If you do not have computer access call Bonnie at 723-8885 and she will send a copy through the mail.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be trying the Wild Bunch category as a Main Match category at all future shoots. This means that you would shoot Wild Bunch instead of your regular category. If you have any questions or need Wild Bunch rules please feel free to contact Mac Traven or Bonnie Lass at 570-723-8885 or email at


Next Shoot is June 5, 2011.

Mac Traven will be setting up to shoot on Saturday. June 4, 2011. If you could come and help it will give you a chance to practice the scenarios. Call (570) 723-8885 to find out what time we will be setting up.

We will meet at the range at 9:00 for the safety meeting and start shooting at 9:30. Please bring a lunch.

If you need directions call 723-8885. Or email at


Thank-you for your interest in your club!!

We are trying to keep down the cost of postage, if you have email please send it so that we can email your newsletter. Thank-you for your co-operation!! To all who have given us their email address, Thank-you!!!!